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Affiliate Terms

SirsteveHQ's Affiliate program is designed to help you earn in exchange for referring customers to SirsteveHQ. These Affiliate terms serve as a contract between you (the Affiliate) & SirsteveHQ. By signing up for the SirsteveHQ Affiliate program, you agree to follow our affiliate terms at all times. If you don't agree with these terms then you are not allowed to participate in our Affiliate program.

1) Participation in the Affiliate Program

Enrollment in our Affiliate program requires signup through our Affiliate form on our website. We evaluate all affiliate signups before we decide if your application can be accepted or not. We may reject your application if we find that your website is not suitable for our Affiliate program for any reason.

2) Commission Terms

We shall pay you (Affiliate) one time-referral commission for every "Valid Sale" that you refer to SirsteveHQ. A "Valid Sale" is made only when all the following conditions are true:

A) The sale must be made to (i) A new and unique customer i.e. he/she has not used our services before & has not Signed Up with us before. (ii) The customer must click on your Affiliate tracking Link before reaching our website. (iii) The referred customer must complete the purchase within 90 days of clicking your Affiliate link.

B) Your affiliate accounts must be active with us at the time of the referral. No commission shall be issued for any sales that were made before Signup with our Affiliate program.

C) You shall never place the order on behalf of any customer. Every customer that you refer must place & complete their order at their own end by creating their account at SirsteveHQ. And referred customer must use their own payment and contact details.

D) You shall never place any order by clicking on your own Affiliate tracking link to make the purchase for yourself, or your customers on their behalf, or for your friends, your family, or the company that you work for or any of your associates.

E) The commission is only for the sale of our web hosting plans. Sales for any other services or additional Addons by the customer do not qualify for commissions.

3) Affiliate Responsibilities

A) Affiliate must never share their commission earned through SirsteveHQ Affiliate Program with the Referred Customer or offer rewards, cashback or any compensation to the end users to attract them to make a purchase.

B) Affiliates are not allowed to resell hosting or place the order for end customers or for yourself. Every user that you refer must Sign Up on their own at SirsteveHQ & should provide their own payment and contact details.

C) Affiliates must never use any techniques that stuff cookies to User's device without the user actually clicking on your Affiliate tracking link.

D) You are required to disclose on your website or to your Referred User that you will receive Commission from SirsteveHQ when they are purchasing through your Affiliate tracking link.

E) You are not allowed to use a domain name or Company name that contain any phrases or terms similar to our trademark without our prior consent.

F) The Affiliates shall not advertise using SirsteveHQ's trademark on any Community website or Search Engine including Google, Facebook, Nairaland etc.

4) Commission Disqualification & Reversals

A) Any commission that does not comply with our Commission terms or Affiliate's Responsibilities shall be denied at the discretion of SirsteveHQ.

B) Commissions for any sale shall be cancelled in case of cancellation of service or in case of chargeback by the customer.

C) No Commissions shall be issued to you in case the referred customer is found to be fraudulent i.e. False Contact Information, abusive website, stolen card etc. Any such commission shall be reversed from your future commissions regardless of the amount of time that has passed since the Signup.

5) Commission Payments

A) All Referral commissions that are earned from a "Valid Sale" will be available for withdrawal after 30 days of the purchase by your Referred Customer. This time may extend in any cases where we are not able to establish the validity of a sale.

B) You shall be eligible for your Payment Withdrawal once your account balance reaches the threshold of N3000.

C) We process commission payouts twice per month i.e on the 7th & 21st of every month. The Affiliate commissions shall be paid out to your Bank Account in Nigeria or your PayPal account & you shall be responsible for any transaction fees that may be incurred for the withdrawal.