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5th Oct 2023

Upgrading to Premium Mailboxes is now available!

You can now upgrade any Standard Mailbox to a Premium Mailbox for more storage and great new features. Every Premium Mailbox gets a huge 50GB storage allowance, along with Contact and Calendar sync. Seamlessly manage your schedule and contacts across multiple devices and popular mail clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and ...

2nd Aug 2023

SirsteveHQ Webinar 1.0: Use SEO to Grow Your Business

SEO can have a profound impact on your business. Imagine being able to get over 1000 clicks monthly on your blog. Or imagine being able to generate more leads and sales by driving traffic to your website. Amazing, right? Well, SEO can do that and even more for your business.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ...

7th May 2023

SirsteveHQ Review – How Does SirsteveHQ Stack Up?

SirsteveHQ is a Nigerian web hosting provider. It offers a variety of services, from dedicated cloud hosting to hosting a WordPress site. It’s fair to say that both beginners and experts are the service’s target audience, with varying success levels. It’s not going to be a web hosting provider we recommend at the top of the pile, but it does ...

1st Apr 2023

How to earn money by reseller plans?

Reseller plans hold a good earning potential if done properly. It is a new trend that is far less complicated than Web hosting. Here you rent from proper hosting sites and have your own customers. You have the liberty to choose the types of services for your customer. With proper reseller plans, you can make good six-figure money from it. Here are ...