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31st Mar 2023

How Cloud Servers Can Help You in This Competitive Business World

It is rightly said that data is the new oil due to its importance in running the business and the economy. With companies having to deal with piles and piles of data, it can get daunting to handle and store it in your in-house computer servers. What is the solution to the data storage problem? A cloud server is one where huge amounts of data can ...

31st Mar 2023

5 Tips for Secure Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud hosting not only helps users to store their data virtually but also ensures that the data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is a secure way to keep your data safe and updated. But, one can never be too sure about its safety, especially when it comes to the public cloud. So how do we protect ourselves from this ...

31st Mar 2023

Cloud Hosting Preserves Data During Disaster Strike

With the advancement in technology our lives have been made much simpler and today we cannot imagine any specter of our lives where technology is not used or integrated. In this technological era, where everything is digitalized, the question of security always daunts us. We cannot let our data be compromised at any cost as now everything is ...

31st Mar 2023

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Host

Before going online with your new business product or service, one of the most crucial decisions you make is choosing the right web hosting service and the tempting packages they offer. To help you in your decision making process we highlight some crucial points in the following post. Find a plan tailored as per your needs: For choosing a proper ...