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How The Cloud Makes Media Buyers Rich



In 2015 I started running a lot of high volume media buys as an affiliate for a number of different products and services.  Knowing my media buys couldn’t run without a web host, I noticed the need for a good solution.  Even though I was primarily promoting third party products and services I still needed a solid backbone for my click tracking software, landing pages, and banner assets.

About a year in, I had stuff going everywhere.  My click tracking software was on one dedicated server, my landing pages were on a VPS, and my banners were hosted over on Amazon’s Cloud.  Even though things were running smoothly, my costs were around $800/month for this setup.  Since I was driving millions of clicks monthly, I wanted to make sure I only had the best equipment.

Finally in 2017 I discovered a better solution.  That was moving everything to the cloud.  A cloud that can be expanded at the click of a mouse.


Using an expandable cloud solution, I was able to start with low costs and scale my server as I scaled my media buys.  

When you’re working as an affiliate, most of the time, you don’t start out profitable.  To become profitable when buying traffic, you must slowly scale up, and optimize as you find the converting metrics.  So going into a media buy with a $500/month dedicated server is biting off a good bit when that money could be allocated to the test budget of the campaign.

Since 2017, I’ve went on to start numerous other large online companies.  All of them use cloud hosting from the beginning.  I’ve now perfected everything I need to provide a solid infrastructure and am able to start my websites with a low budget and then scale the web hosting solution as traffic starts to ramp up.


That’s the purpose of our Cloud Web Hosting solutions here at SirsteveHQ.  I have taken everything I’ve learned over the years and put the resources in one place where media buyers of all skill levels can start with a small solution and then scale as they become profitable.  Our Basic Cloud is the perfect start for any performance marketer:

  • Optimized for click tracking software
  • SSD Raid 10 Disk Space
  • Cloudflare with Railgun (a $200/mo value)
  • cPanel automatically installed to manage files, emails, redirects, databases, etc.
  • One click WordPress installation with Softaculous

The good thing about all of this – you can start for as low as $9.95/month.  Unlike my journey in 2015, you don’t have to go out and build you own infrastructure and have it configured for your needs; we’ve already completed that for you.  Simply plugin to our technology and scale up as you grow!

Other web hosting providers such as HostGator, SiteGround, BlueHost, etc. cram thousands of websites on old-school dedicated servers.  They’re more concentrated on quantity over quality.  If you don’t believe me, try to use them on your next media buy that’s receiving thousands of clicks a day.  Then split test them with us.  I give you my word we’ll keep your site running quickly and efficiently to help lead your business to profit.

If you’re a media buyer, increase your bottom line today with the Cloud.  We’re here to help answer any additional questions you may have and we’ll also make sure you have a smooth transition over to our services.  Don’t forget we accept Bitcoin!


I am a serial tech entrepreneur, entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and a web developer.

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