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Refunds Will Hurt Your Business



To protect the health of all of my subscription membership content websites, I do not offer refunds. Or at least I do everything possible to avoid them.

Sometimes the situation becomes unavoidable when it comes to a Payment gateway dispute such as paystack or flutterwave or a credit card chargeback but don’t get in such a hurry to refund money. Look, you don’t want to cheat anyone or do something unethical but you owe it to yourself and your business to not let others cheat you.

The problem with selling digital goods (which is exactly what we’re doing) is the goods are available as soon as payment is completed. Whether it’s text or video or some other type of content, there is no way the customer can un-see it after they pay.


If you run into a situation of a double charge with dual re-bills, cancel the dual re-bills and extend the subscription out after the user has contacted support. It would be impossible to manually watch every single user to make sure they only pay once and don’t get double charged but when they come to you with it, work with them. But don’t go opening up your bank account to take what you have rightfully earned.

Most customers will readily accept the no-refund policy if you are polite and explain what you have done. If there is resistance, push back. Fight your payment gateway disputes and chargebacks because it’s not fair to you that someone can get instant access to your goods and end up requesting a refund. I understand it’s not always avoidable but you’re going to be surprised how much better you do without offering refunds.


I am a serial tech entrepreneur, entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and a web developer.

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