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Hands-on assistance

    You will have a period of 7 days from your new plan signup/order to request that we transfer content from your previous host. We offer migration assistance for one hosted domain per hosting account you signup for with us.

    Migrations are limited to:

    • cPanel to cPanel (as is) or one domain's hosted content/website and 3 databases whose total size is less than 1GB and up to 5 email addresses, whose total stored and migrated information is less than 5GB.
    • For accounts that exceed these limits an admin fee may apply. Please contact us for more info.
    • Migrating/Converting content of a hosting account to an add-on domain is unfortunately not offered.
    • When we migrate from a cPanel host, we will migrate the entire cPanel account or the entire WHM reseller.
First, we’ll migrate your website content and emails. Second, we’ll request the transfer of your domain name to us. Lastly, once the domain name is transferred, we’ll point your account to our servers.
Transferring content and initiating the domain name transfers will be processed Monday to Friday, 8am until 4pm (excluding public holidays). Then the domain name transfer is initiated – this process can take anywhere from 1 day to 5 days dependant on the domain name admin allowing the transfer.
You can either add a note during the order process or before you order, email the hosting account type you would like and the domain names you would like to transfer or click here to request a transfer: Our migrations team arranges the account setup, billing and data migration; ensuring a smooth transition to SirsteveHQ.

Migrating to SirsteveHQ is a quick, no-hassle, process.

We've helped hundreds of clients move to us from other hosts, our migrations team has in-depth knowledge of the processes needed to move your content reliably, assisting in DNS/A/MX pointing, email client setup, and domain name transfers.

We migrate from all hosts: Offering free cPanel to cPanel migrations with any new plan to make it easier on your wallet!

  • Offer applies to web hosting only: VPS and server migrations are excluded.
  • Clients qualify for one free domain transfer (only the domains that we sell) per hosting account migrated per newly registered hosting package.
  • A migration is only possible from a host where we can obtain the sites files and databases. In most cases this requires access to a file manager and database manager like phpmyadmin, or a full account backup .zip .tar or .tar.gz