Why Use SirsteveHQ Trust Seal

We offer 12 Seals Services (No-Spam, Ecommerce Trust, Authorized Reseller, Secured Site, Security SSL, Trust Lite, Verified Downloads, Verified Site, Accessibility, Business, Privacy). The SirsteveHQ trust seal is a visual stamp displayed on a web site indicating the site is secure and the identity of the entity operating the site is authentic, letting users know transactions, purchases, and personal data transmitted through the site are protected by encryption and shared only with the genuine site operator.

We’re With You at Every Stage of Your Certification

LAUNCH: Get up and running quickly with our team of privacy experts. They’ll work with you to identify a certification or assurance solution that addresses your needs.


ASSESS: As you begin to assess your privacy practices SirsteveHQ can help you identify and remediate your activities, as you close your compliance gaps.


DEMONSTRATE: As your company continues to grow and transform, we stay in step with your operations— to provide continued evidence of privacy activities, ensuring your SirsteveHQ seal is maintained.


We have devised a simple yet stringent process to approve your Trust Seal.


  • The company/business has to submit copies of documents along with specified fees.

  • SirsteveHQ authorized verification agency then verifies the documents and authenticates the data.

  • Thereafter, it assigns TrustSEAL to the company/business, depending on the selection of our Trust Seal Service.


What You Get When You Certify With Us


  • Our people support your people. Our team offers an effective combination of broad industry expertise and deep regulatory knowledge to help you demonstrate a differentiated privacy program.

  • Get up and running quickly. We’ll work with you to efficiently kick-off a certification that will begin demonstrating compliance commitments.

  • Improve your existing documentation. We use regulation-aligned templates, built by our team of experts augment your existing policies and procedures.

  • Evidence of your privacy efforts. Displaying the trusted privacy seal on your website demonstrates your industry leadership and dedication to data protection.


Choose the right trust seal for your website, we will verify your business and your customers will be able to trust you. Each Trust Seal services costs ₦1200 per year.

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