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All the latest from SirsteveHQ

7th May 2023

SirsteveHQ Review – How Does SirsteveHQ Stack Up?

SirsteveHQ is a Nigerian web hosting provider. It offers a variety of services, from dedicated cloud hosting to hosting a WordPress site. It’s fair to say that both beginners and experts are the service’s target audience, with varying success levels. It’s not going to be a web hosting provider we recommend at the top of the pile, but it does ...

1st Apr 2023

WordPress Gutenberg, a short Intro

WordPress Gutenberg is nothing but the brand new WordPress editor, released on Dec 6, 2018. It was previously introduced as a plugin however, with the launch of WordPress 5.0, it became the core editor of WordPress. The main intention behind replacing the classic editor TinyMCE with Gutenberg was to simplify the process of creating rich text ...

1st Apr 2023

How to Secure a Dedicated Server?

When you set aside a server completely for the use of an organization, application or individual it is called a dedicated server or a dedicated hosting service. In this type of hosting configuration, the client will be lending the whole server and won’t permit anyone else to use it. If you are planning on availing of a dedicated server, ...

1st Apr 2023

Why is Linux reseller hosting more in demand than windows reseller hosting?

Reseller web hosting which is gaining quite an amount of popularity among business owners is a method through which a hosting company rents out its bandwidth, memory space, hard drive, etc. to one or more companies or businesses, ranging from small to mid-sized, who in turn rents it out to even smaller companies. Large company like Google also ...